Sunday, June 15, 2008

Preparing For Wrath?

So I've finally decided to post on the shared Blog Azeroth topic. But to be honest I'm not really sure I have prepared, or at least in the way you'd think about it. As you may have read a few weeks ago I was preparing to quit and just take a break from WoW until Wrath. Instead I decided (with the help of some fellow bloggers) to reroll and keep my cheese fresh.

Getting Ready (by taking a break):

This seems to be the way a fair few people are going these days, and it stands to reason. Some people just don't feel the game has anything they need, want, or enjoy anymore but they do think that Wrath will change things for them. This is how I felt personally, there wasn't anything else worth doing on my Warlock and there weren't really any friends left in the game to make it worth playing anyways. So I got all my things together, went through my inventory and used what I knew from playing the beta and TBC at release last time. I knew I wouldn't be needing my Badges of Justice so what did I do? I bought gems and sold them. I disenchanted a lot of my gear and sold the Prismatic Shards. Things like this gave me a good cash cushion to sit on because history has shown me two things:

1. Old world things tend to go down in price right away. I knew I probably wouldn't get as much at the start of Wrath for those large prismatics as I could get now.
2. On the other end, things get more expensive. That epic flying mount certainly cost a lot more gold than that epic ground mount. Who knows now how much things will cost in Wrath.

Basically I got rid of what I didn't think I would need (based on some knowledge applied from the last time around) to build a nest-egg. However, I also kept some things I thought I might need for the same reason. Netherweave, arcane dust, etc for the first few points of various profession levelling. Remember how First Aid didn't use the new BC cloth until 330? I would expect we won't be using the first WotLK cloth for a few levels as well. Now I expect the monsters through level 72 or so to keep dropping Netherweave but it's easier to just have some on hand right away.

Getting Ready (by rerolling):

This one is obvious. Why not have another high level character ready for Wrath? It's the perfect time to do it for me, and ties in to the whole "finding my cheese" theme. I missed the Druid I had before I quit temporarily and I had the opportunity to reroll on a server and join a guild full of good people. I'm not particularly leveling with the intent of being 70 before Wrath (although I expect I will be) but I'm just enjoying the game again. So I guess I'm not particularly "preparing" this character in any special sense but just generally getting ready to level through Wrath.

As to whether or not I read info about Wrath- I do. Again, having played BC beta and BC at release and BC now I know the game goes through many phases and generally doesn't look exactly like the alpha version (or heck even the beta version). I don't put tons of stock into carefully researching all the spell information etc etc, but I do enjoy looking at screenshots and learning random information from here and there.

Anyway this is a whole jumble of thoughts but I figured I'd take part in the shared topic and get my thoughts out there.

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