Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hackers Ruined My Toast

So in the space of an hour and a half my account was hacked and given back to me BY THE HACKERS. First off, I'm an idiot. I recently transferred my Druid to a new account (long long story not worth typing) and today I received an email looking AMAZINGLY official saying my account was being looked into for fraud and possible sale. I freaked out, intelligence went out the window. OMG I recently moved my druid to a new acct and changed the email on my old one I bet that set off red flags! Fuck! I'm not selling my acct what's going on?!?!

I'd like to say normally I'm really internet savvy, would never fall for fraud, scan my computer weekly and have very strong passwords for things. But my brain basically went out the window. Normally I'd have said "lol wut, account fraud?" but since I'd recently done some things which I suppose could be seen as fishy I freaked out and assumed it was real. Boy do I feel dumb now.

In the middle of Shadow Lab I was logged out, tried to log back in, couldn't, tried to change my password, couldn't, and started to freak out. I then started to yell at the boyfriend on vent, just freaking out. It's kind of crazy how attached you get to pixels but dammit these are MY pixels and nobody else's! I put time and love into these pixels! So I have the boyfriend put in a GM ticket and tell the guild my account was compromised, I hop on BA chat and ask Fim and Jess to do the same. Anything is something at this point. I email account services, etc etc.

Suddenly I get a pop up on AIM. "MarkeeTraderz wants to chat with you" (or some such). Okay... Well. Here's what happened, in log form because it's easier.

(10:59:36 PM) MarkeeTraderz: hey
(10:59:56 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Bro
(11:02:03 PM) MarkeeTraderz: I got your account, if you want it back.
Me and a friend of mine feel bad.
(11:02:19 PM) Ro: bullshit
(11:02:25 PM) MarkeeTraderz: hmm?
(11:02:35 PM) Ro: i highly doubt you feel bad
(11:02:40 PM) MarkeeTraderz: No, we do.
(11:02:46 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Which is why we are going to return it.
(11:02:56 PM) Ro: oh really
(11:03:01 PM) Ro: suddenly hacker has a change of heart
(11:03:53 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Eh, yea.
(11:04:11 PM) Ro: so can i have my account back now
(11:04:27 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Umm, yea.
(11:05:30 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Seeing how much gold you had and shit..
you must have spent SO much time

Okay what the everloving hell is going on here? This really does appear to be the guy who stole my account (he verifies all the info and everything) and he really does change all my stuff back. Everything. All of it. My warlock's account is fine, totally fine. My Druid's account... well. Mostly fine. I guess.

(11:09:56 PM) MarkeeTraderz: I myself just went into scamming because
I lost my account..
(11:10:04 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Was keylogged= /
(11:10:11 PM) Ro: so my warlock is back
(11:10:14 PM) Ro: what about my druid acct
(11:10:17 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Yea, giving the druid atm
(11:10:20 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Changing the info back
(11:11:21 PM) Ro: so what did your friend do to my druid
(11:11:35 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Gave away the gold or something.. wasn't me.
(11:11:40 PM) MarkeeTraderz: He didn't tell me =/

Seemingly, the guy felt bad. I got another IM from someone claiming to be his friend, said friend found out and told Hacker to give me my account back. Friend supposedly yelled at Hacker etc etc. Supposedly Hacker is about 15. I kept talking to him, pissed off still, still trying to get my information totally changed on my accounts.

(11:20:37 PM) MarkeeTraderz: I changed the email back to yours btw.
(11:20:43 PM) MarkeeTraderz: It was only changed on the druid
(11:21:18 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Sorry though =/.
(11:21:25 PM) MarkeeTraderz: First night of scamming =/
(11:21:33 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Not all that fun.
(11:21:52 PM) Ro: yeah i'd reccomend not doing it
(11:22:01 PM) Ro: it's pretty fucking stupid
(11:22:05 PM) MarkeeTraderz: Agreed.

Apparently he felt bad. Huh. Well big surprise, you're really screwing people over and ruining months (years even) of work and time and enjoyment.

(12:16:27 AM) Ro: i'd suggest not ever doing this to anyone else again
(12:16:32 AM) Ro: pretty much makes you a douchebag
(12:16:37 AM) Ro: unless you don't care about that
(12:16:39 AM) MarkeeTraderz: Sadly.
(12:16:44 AM) MarkeeTraderz: Yea, I do. GL brah

I can only hope this kid never does this to anyone else ever again. But who knows. There's plenty of people out there who have no conscience. Maybe this kid ends up doing it again, maybe not.

So I got everything changed, passwords, emails, everything. I put in a ticket for the total damage: ~1500g, 10 essences, 15 primal life, 2-3 primal water, 5 primal mights, an earthstorm and a skyfire diamond. Guess I'll be getting an authenticator when they come back in stock.


Euripedes said...



Rehevkor said...

Script Kiddies*

Pike said...

@ Awlbiste - freakin' weird XD reminds me of that thread on the forums about the person who became "friends" with the Chinese account scammer and got his account back that way. Anyways, glad to hear nothing majorly bad happened.

@ Rehevkor - I do believe you are a dork after my own heart, and do believe me when I say that I say "dork" with much respect here.

Eleanor said...

Wow, that's... weird. That's a story I never expected to hear. I hope you get all your shit back - and let's hope the kid continues not to use his powers for evil.

Softi said...

yeah... what Euripedes said...

How odd!

SolidState said...

You didn't write what exactly did you do that allowed the scammer to get your account details? Did you reply to the "official" email with your username and password(*) or was it a more complicated scam?

Inquiring minds want to know...

(*) If this was the case you really did lose your mind since you forgot rule #1 about your Blizzard account: Blizzard will never never never never never never ask for your password. I hope the never was clear enough :)

Elune's Guidance said...

Oh, wow. That's... wow.

Good to know some people have consciences, I suppose.


Awlbiste said...

@Everyone: I've had a LOT of weird things happen to me but this was easily top 5.

@Solidstate: Sorry if the beginning of the post led you to believe this was a story about how I got hacked. It's not.