Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things a la TJ

I'm bad at making lists of things, or even coming up with 5. So let's pretend I can think of 5 things for each topic but if I don't um, up yours?

5 Things I Could Have Written About This Week:

1. Hilarious conversations held with my mother
2. Analysis of people waiting in medical clinic waiting rooms
3. The horrible way people drive
4. Things I yell at the horrible people driving
5. Why I have certain songs stuck in my head

5 Things I Actually Did Instead This Week:

1. Went to the doctor
2. Tried to get a key copied and failed
3. Checked my frequent flier miles, frequently
4. Frowned at my cat
5. Made charts, and graphs!

5 Things I Should Have Done This Week:

1. Gone to math lab
2. Painted the kitchen
3. Upgraded my text messages
4. Gotten a job
5. Gone to bed earlier

5 Things That Need to Be Accomplished by This Time Next Week:

1. Paint the kitchen
2. Go to the math lab
3. Set up appointment at college
4. Fill my allergy prescriptions
5. Retake the math test, knowing I don't need to take math classes anyway

5 Things I Will Do This Weekend:

1. Sleep
2. Figure out enough things to say to hold a telephone conversation longer than 30 seconds
3. Walk to the park and take a bunch of pictures
4. Watch movies
5. Think of thing #5

1 comment:

Siarah said...

Lol, sleep would be number one on my things to do this weekend too!