Saturday, November 1, 2008

Closed For Business

It's official. Until further notice I won't be blogging here anymore. I appreciate all the people who have put me in their readers and commented, read and linked. I couldn't find an easy way to cross-post here from my personal blog so I won't be doing that (but thanks for voting on my poll!).

I am, however, posting very regularly on my personal blog, and even participating in NaBloPoMo! So I encourage everyone who is interested to hop over there and check it out. And if you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I have one of those too.


loronar said...

Why did I not have your Twitter before...? Well, now I do.

We'll miss you in Blog Azeroth! It was a fun summer reading your blog. Come back soon? :)

Pike said...


Autumnn said...